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Nouvelles des Amis - DxZone

The DXZone.com Amateur Radio Internet Guide

Latest articles, reviews and links posted to The DXZone.com, an amateur radio, cb radio, scanning and shortwave radio, reference site

How to Learn Morse Code for Beginners  Voir?

Learn morse code is still one of the main goals to achieve for an amateur radio operator, expecially on HF bands DXing, contesting and QRP operations still rely heavily on morse code.
(21/02/2018 : 00:00)
Top Amateur Radio Websites - Issue 1801  Voir?

Wire Antenna Calculator, GP antenna for 70 cm, ARLAN Communications, QrssPiG, Arduino Vector Graphic Antenna Analyser, The 40/30 Pyramid, 7 Element Yagi Calculator,
(21/02/2018 : 00:00)
The Best Amateur Radio Links of 2017  Voir?

A collection of the top 30 amateur radio links we reviewed and added to our links directory during the 2017
(21/02/2018 : 00:00)
Top Amateur Radio links of the week Issue 1736  Voir?

Testing Dipole vs Indoor Magnetic Loop Antenna, Morse Pilot - Learn morse code, A cool KW linear amplifier for 50 MHz, PilotMorse Morse Code Tutor for Aviation, VK9CZ Cocos Keeling Islands DXpedition, 3C1L Log, VK9CZ Log, Z-match ATU covering 160m - 10m, TYT MD-2017 Charger Mod, TYT MD-2017 Review, AutoEZ, KF7P Metalwerks, TYT Electronics

... / ... Lire la suite

(21/02/2018 : 00:00)
Top Amateur Radio links of the week Issue 1735  Voir?

Efficiency of the Z Match, The Z Match Using a Toroidal Core Coil, NVIS Propagation, To the Moon and back: reflecting a radio signal to calculate the distance , Popular Matching Networks, Radio Attic, ZD7BR St Helena DX Pedition 2017
(21/02/2018 : 00:00)
Kenwood TS-480  Voir?

Links and resources for the Kenwood TS-480 ham radio transceiver
(21/02/2018 : 00:00)
Follow DXZone on GooglePlus  Voir?

Join the DXZone on Google+. GEt all new links on the popular google social network
(21/02/2018 : 00:00)
10 Meter Radio Repair  Voir?

Shopping and Services/Radio Equipment Repair
The Radio Shop offer a repair service on 10 meter radios, including Galaxy CB radios, Cobra CB radio and Stryker CB radio
(21/02/2018 : 00:00)
Foundations of Amateur Radio - Podcast  Voir?

Internet and Radio/Podcast
The building blocks for Amateur Radio, one concept at a time, collected since 2011 in several podcasts episodes you can listen online.
(21/02/2018 : 00:00)
KD8CEC Amateur Radio Blog  Voir?

Ham Radio/Blogs/USA
A personal blog about amateur radio activities, including homebrew, bitx, ubitx, mcHF, JT65, FT8 and more digital communications.
(21/02/2018 : 00:00)
HF Portable Ops Solar Powered  Voir?

Operating Modes/Portable Operations
An interesting article about amateur radio portable operations with excellent pictures. Setup includes a 60 watts of portable solar power being controlled by a charge controller, and a batteries powering an FT-897D.

... / ... Lire la suite

(21/02/2018 : 00:00)
Amateur Radio Weekly  Voir?

Ham Radio/Ham Radio News
Sent every Saturday, Amateur Radio Weekly is an email newsletter containing links to the most relevant news, projects, technology, and events happening in Ham Radio
(21/02/2018 : 00:00)
K7SU CW Straight Key  Voir?

Manufacturers/Morse Key
Custom made straight key with your call. Proudly made in the USA. Made of beautiful wood and polished brass.
(21/02/2018 : 00:00)
Amateurfunkgruppe des Computer Clubs Media 2000  Voir?

Ham Radio/Clubs/Europe/Germany
The amateur radio group of the Computer Club Media 2000 want to present not only the beautiful hobby amateur radio but show also what a multi-faceted hobby it is, supporting in repairs of radios, developing their own circuits and the conversion of radio equipment. German group

... / ... Lire la suite

(21/02/2018 : 00:00)
2 Amateur Radio Morse code practice keys Android App  Voir?

Iambic and Straight key amateur ham radio CW Morse code practice oscillators for Android. This Android app gives you both straight and iambic CW Morse code practice key oscillators. Each key translates Morse code into English and CW prosigns in real time as you practice. Practice sending Morse code with a straight key oscillator. Settings include WPM, show/hide Morse code/text, choose sidetone 400Hz-800Hz. Adjust the WPM so that you can produce well formed DITs and DAHs at a comfortable speed.

... / ... Lire la suite

(21/02/2018 : 00:00)
Southeast Kentucky Amateur Radio Club  Voir?

Ham Radio/Clubs/North America/USA/Kentucky
The Southeast Kentucky Amateur Radio Club official website with club information and local net details.
(21/02/2018 : 00:00)
Middlesex Amateur Radio Society  Voir?

Ham Radio/Clubs/North America/USA/Connecticut
An ARRL Special Service Club. Meets every Tuesday at Portland Senior Center, 7 Waverly Ave., Portland, CT 06480
(21/02/2018 : 00:00)

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