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Nouvelles des Amis - DxZone

The DXZone.com Amateur Radio Internet Guide

Latest articles, reviews and links posted to The DXZone.com, an amateur radio, cb radio, scanning and shortwave radio, reference site

DAV FCA1000 HF+50 MHz Power Amplifier  Voir?

FCA1000 new Solid State RF Power amplifier for the HF Bands + 50 MHz by DAV
(22/09/2017 : 00:00)
Top Amateur Radio links of the week Issue 1729  Voir?

Shortened EFHW Antenna 80-10m, How Common Mode Chokes Work, Multiband trapped end fed antenna, RF Safety at Field Day, WSJT-X, Yaesu Mark V FT 1000 MP, Adventure Radio Society
(22/09/2017 : 00:00)
Top Amateur Radio links of the week Issue 1728  Voir?

Chocking the End-Fed Antenna, Building and Using an Experimental Beverage, Building the Moxon Antenna, DX Maps, Morse Code Beacon Keyer, UHF Connector, The WB0RIO 28 Mhz Arduino Beacon, CQ World Wide VHF Contest, RI0C DX Pedition Iony Isl.
(22/09/2017 : 00:00)
Top Amateur Radio links of the week Issue 1727  Voir?

Band Conditions, An HF Mobile Antenna, HF Band QRM/QRN Noise Canceller, Carmobeam, A simple DIY Desk Microphone, Colour TFT display with Touch controlled VFO BFO, Outdoor HF Antenna Switch, FT8900 Handsfree , Radio Frequency - ICOM R8500, Barron County Amateur Radio Association,
(22/09/2017 : 00:00)
CQ WW Rule Changes  Voir?

CQ Announce changes to rules for 2017 CQ WW SSB and CW Contest
(22/09/2017 : 00:00)
Ham Radio Apps for iOS  Voir?

The best amateur radio apps for Android. Review the most popular ham radio apps for your smartphone or for your tablet
(22/09/2017 : 00:00)
Spiral Antennas Links  Voir?

Spiral antennas belong to the class of frequency independent antennas. Spiral antennas offer a very large bandwidth and are used mainly in UHF and VHF bands.
(22/09/2017 : 00:00)
Frame Antenna for 80m  Voir?

A frame antenna for the 80 meters band, build to be folded and to be easy to be monted and dismounted. This antenna is suitable for indoor and QRP use, bandwidth is just 10kHz and should be observed a proper distance while transmitting due to high voltage.

... / ... Lire la suite

(22/09/2017 : 00:00)
VHF-UHF Diplexer  Voir?

Technical Reference/Filters
Diplexer is a passive device, a special filter circuit that seperates 2 different bands, not to be confused with the duplexer that usually separate 2 different frequencies on the same band.
(22/09/2017 : 00:00)
Morgain 40 80  Voir?

A multiband no traps antenna that can work on 40 and 80 meters band. Total lenght of this wire antenna is 20 meters, that make this antenna suitable for restricted lots or backyards. Article in Italian with some interesting pictures taken.

... / ... Lire la suite

(22/09/2017 : 00:00)
Morgain Antenna by DL6GD  Voir?

A schematic antenna for a 40-80 Morgain dipole antenna with diagram and pictures, article partially in german
(22/09/2017 : 00:00)
Sangean ATS-505 Review  Voir?

Radio Equipment/Receivers
An inexpensive portable radio that you can travel with. ATS-505 would be a good choice for a first-time purchaser of a shortwave radio.
(22/09/2017 : 00:00)
Morgain 80-160  Voir?

A dual band antenna designed to work on low bands and in this article on 80 and 160 meters band. Total lenght of this folded dipole is 37,60 meters. Includes some details for fine tuning on 160 meters. Article in italia

... / ... Lire la suite

(22/09/2017 : 00:00)
Morgain Antenna, the old lady  Voir?

An introduction to history of Morgain Antenna, since the early origins in Virginia, to the current home made projects and design available on the net. Article in Italian
(22/09/2017 : 00:00)
Morgain 40-80 by IM0JZJ  Voir?

This folded dipole, can be even built for 10 and 20 meters band, and can also give good results on 15 meters, with the sole lenght of just 20 meter of total lenght. Originally born to work on 40 meters, can be adapted for any band.

... / ... Lire la suite

(22/09/2017 : 00:00)
ICOM IC-R72E Review  Voir?

Radio Equipment/Receivers
The ICOM IC-R72E a neat compact communications receiver. Coverage: LW, MW, SW (0.1- 30.0 MHz continuous) discontinued in 1998
(22/09/2017 : 00:00)
Trapped Dipole for 12 and 17 Meters  Voir?

A small sized and very cheap antenna project that allow you to work on WARC bands with a total gain very close to the dipole in both bands. On 12 meters is a normal dipole, while on 17 is a trapped dipole. Article in Italia
(22/09/2017 : 00:00)

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